Learner Drivers

Learn to drive insurance

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Fleet insurance protection

A fleet manager will not usually want to risk big increases in the company fleet policy from adding learner drivers but may be under pressure to find cover for the son or daughter of the MD.

The Provisional Marmalade top up cover for learner drivers can be added for cars up to group 32 and valued less than £20,000. This will protect the fleet policy when the learner is driving.

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Protect your family car

Do you have a member of your family who is learning to drive in the family or a friend’s car?
Are you concerned about the cost of the insurance coupled with the possibility of your hard earned no claims being put at risk?

Look no further! Provisional Marmalade has a new policy that will take away the pressure and give you total piece of mind.

The policy will be written in the name of the learner driver against the vehicle they are learning in, so if the unthinkable was to happen you are safe in the knowledge that it would not affect your insurance or no claims bonus.
This unique policy has price bands for 1, 2 or 3 months which will also be governed by the postcode of where the car is garaged, the policy can be renewed as often as required and covers cars in insurance groups 1 - 32 subject to a maximum market value of £20,000.

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